Installing PKI SSL Certificate on HPE iLO

Automating the process of creating a CSR and signing it with an Internal CA and installing it using PowerShell.

I work with HPE Systems almost exclusively, and as of late I have been getting very irritated with the browser warning about the self signed SSL cert that is installed on the HPE iLO by default.

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Using BLTouch with Klipper and the Ender3

How to make your BLTouch Sensor work with the Klipper firmware and the Crealty Ender3.

I have been 3D printing for about a year now, its had its ups and downs, good times and bad. Some times its the greatest thing, and sometimes I’m glad I don’t keep a baseball bat near my 3D Printer, because I may not still be the owner of one if I did. I know all printers are different and everyone has their reasons for why or what they do and use for the build surface. I have the Ender3, its a great entry level printer for the price and I have spit out some amazing prints. But one the most notorious issues with the Ender3 is the warped bed. It seems like everyone has reported this issue. And I think one thing all 3D Printer Hobbyist could agree on, is the first layer is one of the most important parts of the print. And when you printing around .2mm layer hight, if the build surface isn’t perfect you’re going to have problems, especially with larger prints.

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Klean Yer Keezer Lines

How to easily clean and rinse your keezer beverage lines.

I’m not sure out there who needs to hear this, but clean your beer lines! After a while of beer sitting, lines begin to stain and leave flavors that will be picked up by other beers. I mean who wants to have a lingering coffee porter in your NEIPA? No one, thats who. There is no one size fits all for how often you should clean your lines, it depends a lot on things like how long the beer has been siting in them, how often are they used, and what style of beer. In the past, I would just replace the lines every 6 months. There is a few things wrong with doing this, first of all, its costly, second of all, its a pain in that ass, and third, six months between cleaning/replacing is too long IMO. Now I am rinsing lines every other month. Maybe that is too often, but after you see how easy it is to do, I could do it even more often and not really mind.

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