CIP DIY Keg Washer

Clean your kegs, the easy way.

Ok Ok, its time for an easy build, no software, no programing, no CLI (command line interface) this one is cake, you don’t even need any tools, just some time (and money), and it will make washing your kegs easy peasy. And, in a later post, I’ll show you how to easily turn this washer into a keezer beer line cleaner!

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PiLess BrewPi

Building a BrewPi without a Raspberry Pi using the BrewPiLess implementation.

Its no secret that temperature control is a huge aspect of brewing beer successfully. It can have dramatic side effects if you don’t keep the temperature in the yeasts range, or you may not be able to achieve flavors that you’re seeking from the yeast fermenting at a specific temperature. Now, in my past life as @dotps1, I covered in detail how to make a BrewPi. A temperature controller running with a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino board (that blog post can be found here, for now anyway, I’m not sure how long I will be keeping up). The BrewPi is defiantly a solid temperature controller solution, that allows for many customization, and the ability to create temperature profiles, allowing for temperature ramp up and cold crashing. And most importantly, it handles temperature swing. Unfortunately, the BrewPi is no longer officially supported on the Raspberry Pi/Arduino configuration, and as you can see the branch hasn’t been touched in years, I made this clear in my last walk through, which is over a year old now, and I had to fork the project and fix a bunch of dependency issues, that probably are already out of date.

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Taplist Pi Zero

A walk through for creating a digital taplist with and Raspberry Pi Zero.

So, if in your homebrew life, you’ve moved on past bottling (because its it f***ing terrible) and are kegging your ferments, you’ve probably already come up with some way to label or mark your taps so you know what tap is pouring what beverage. I know there is a lot of articles out there on this topic, but, I wanted to share my experience on the matter, and hopefully, it can save you some time, and money.

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